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The things that make us different are the ones that make us endearing.

Nominations and Awards:
Highly Recommended – CM Magazine – Issue 21/Feb 8, 2019
Short-listed - Chocolate Lily Book Awards – 2021
Recommended – CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens – 2019

“Cultural differences can make life difficult when a family first moves to a new country. As a teen, fitting in is more important than anything else. With customs, food, dress and language all different, fitting in is very difficult. Embrace the Chicken tells the story of a young teenage girl trying with all her might to fit in and be like every other student in her school. This is an honest, heartwarming story that any student will understand because teens need to fit in, cultural differences or not. Perhaps reading this well-written story will help teens support those who are different no matter what their differences may be.
Highly Recommended.” CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Even though she only left Mumbai a few months ago, Shivani isn't feeling like such an outsider anymore. She likes her new school. She finally has a best friend. But when her mother volunteers for the school's annual fundraiser, Shivani is sure she will completely embarrass her. Especially if she cooks one of the "stinky" dishes that Shivani loves but is too ashamed to eat in front of her friends.

On the day of the fair, the moment Shivani walks into the gym she knows her worst fears have come true: the unmistakable scent of Indian spices is in the air. But then she sees that dozens of people are lined up at her mom's stall. It's the most popular one!


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