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A girl, a ghost, and a runaway train!

Ever since Nisha's near-death experience, she can see and hear ghosts. Shunned by her classmates and abandoned by her best friend, she tries to ignore this curse. But when the Mandovi Express is hijacked by ghosts seeking revenge on a corrupt politician, Nisha's "gift" might be the only thing standing between life and a horrifying death. Can she convince the ghosts to change their plan, or is she doomed to join them along with one hundred and sixty-two passengers on board?

A quest, a mystery, and a fairy tale, all in one!

Tara and her brother, Suraj, have been living a nightmarish year. Their mother and grandfather fled the village of Morni under strange circumstances. Their new stepmother is cruel and deceptive. Their father is indifferent to their suffering. Villagers have been disappearing, often returning in a horrifying form.
When a new healer, Zarku, a mysterious man with a third eye possessing strange power, suddenly appears in Morni, all are mesmerized by his magic. All except Tara, who sees through his evil disguise.
With nothing but her own courage and wit, Tara sets out on a journey. She tries to find her missing mother and grandfather—the true healer, in time to save her village. Alone and lost in the forest, she must enlist the help of the god Ganesh and the lord of death, Yama. Or she, like others before her, will fall victim to Zarku’s third eye.
Winner of the Silver Birch Fiction Award


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