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Summer camp on the shores of a haunted lake in Canada. What could go wrong?

“Middle grade readers with an interest in both the paranormal and spooky stories from around the world will appreciate the accessibility of this book as well as the other stories in this series. This book is a compelling inclusion to libraries for middle grade readers.”
Mary Lanni, Vine Voice Reviewer

When Camp Sunny Acres reopens after a horrific tragedy, Jonah and his mother—the new owners—try hard to make it a success. Dexter, who hates camp, is intent on complaining about everything and breaking the rules.
Jonah suspects that the mysterious disturbance in the lake might be the restless spirit of a young boy who drowned two summers ago. It sounds eerily similar to the story, based on a Chinese myth, which a counselor narrates around the campfire. He’s worried about the safety of the campers and himself.
During a freak storm, the malevolent ghost captures Jonah’s mother. Can Jonah and his friends find a way to appease the spirit and rescue his mother? Or is she doomed to replace the drowned boy in the cursed lake?
Eerie Tales from the East is perfect for young readers (8-12+) of Goosebumps and ghostly mythology


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