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Some games should never be played . . . at least, not those involving sinister spirits.

Michiko is eager to try the ouija board with her friends Kate and Sophia. They summon Kokkuri-San, a Japanese trickster spirit, to answer a few questions. Most importantly, Michiko wants to know if her mother’s long illness means she’s going to die soon.
But once summoned, the spirit refuses to leave, warning them of danger over and over. When Michiko’s friends meet with near-fatal accidents on an overnight field trip to the Mojave National Preserve in California, they blame her for everything that has gone wrong. Their friendship is shattered.
Can Michiko solve the mystery of the trickster spirit, or will she be the next target for the devil in disguise?
Eerie Tales from the East is perfect for young readers (8-12+) of Goosebumps and ghostly mythology


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