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A death warning by a local astrologer. Superstitious nonsense or the truth?

A chill-inducingly fun ride, full of tension, mystery, folklore, and suspense all the way through to the end. Highly recommended!"
Deborah Kerbel, Award-winning author of picture books, middle-grade and YA novels.

An astrologer at a local fair predicts that 12-year-old Avi will die a horrible death. He thinks it's superstitious nonsense. Sent to stay with relatives in a remote Indian village while his parents are away, Avi feels trapped in a crumbling mansion with a grandfather he barely knows and his sinister servant.
As the astrologer’s dire predictions start to come true, one by one, Avi fears his time may be running out. He's too young to die!
Can he trust Lalita, the mysterious town outcast, to help him solve the mystery of the astrologer’s ominous prophecies, or is he doomed for ignoring the warning?
Eerie Tales from the East is perfect for young readers (8-12+) of Goosebumps and ghostly mythology


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