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An idyllic village in the foothills of the Himalayas harbours a deadly secret.

Nominations and Awards:
CBC Kids and YA Halloween Books List – 2021
CBC Best Canadian MG/YA Books of 2021
Short-listed - Chocolate Lily Book Awards – 2022
Forest of Reading Kid Committee Summer Reading List 2022

“A satisfying fantasy full of mystery.”
Kirkus Reviews

Book nerd Krish hates the outdoors, and camping. But especially germs. When Krish and his father, Kabir, take a camping trip to Ladakh, he convinces himself that they will bond, despite their differences.
When they’re lost in a bamboo forest, teeming with black rats, and germs, Krish is at an all-time low. His GF (gut feel) and a couple of rats lead them to a hidden village, Imdur, unmarked on any map.
Krish and his father are allowed to stay, only if they follow rules. But Krish soon realizes the village has an odd custom of worshipping rats. They also have a secret. And so does his dad. Turns out, Krish has a secret too.
When all the secrets explode into the open, Krish and Kabir are in grave danger. Can Krish overcome his fears and phobias to take the chance offered to him? Or are he and his dad doomed to spend the rest of their lives among rats?


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